Walking, running and having fun

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Good evening everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well on this labor weekend. Tonight I want to talk about the importance of doing exercise and having fun. Physical activities are important because helps us to stay in shape, feel better and relieve the stress. It’s a way to deal with our day to day challenges, relax, burn some calories or even fight the stress that life bring us.


If you are the type of person that are always busy working or doing something. Making time on your agenda to go for a walk or a couple miles running will be a key factor on your improvement and your performance. You will  feel relaxed, you will feel with more energy and you will feel more clear solving situations on your day to day life.



I would personally recommend when you doing any type of exercise bring your headphones. It will help you out if you have some music during the workout so you can get motivated or audiobooks if you are the type of person like me, that wants to listen to a nice audiobook while walking/running.

When I go for a run or walk I always like to listen to an audio-book and then while I’m doing some type of exercise as well I’m learning something new. Some people do like as well the motivational videos because is a form to get hyped while you exercise. It’s a way to relax, get distracted and relieve the stress. Remember to do this at least 3 times a week and after a month or so you will start feeling different and better. As well your performance will improve with the time.


Hope you like it,

Till next time.


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