What time is the best time to run?

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AM running

When it comes to choose a time for running it could be difficult to choose the right time to run. Basically it depends on your schedule and your free time. If you plan to go for a run during the morning I would recommend doing it early around 5 or 6am before the sun goes out. Why? Weather is fresh and everyone is still sleeping so you can take advantage. Honestly I can understand if you tell me it’s hard for you to wake up too early in the morning but as well if you want to create a change you need to be consistent so wake up early, warm up, stretch and go for that run. It’s a great way to kickstar your day. When you run in the mornings your focus will improve. You will start feeling stronger, you will notice other people running, biking or even pedestrians. Yay! that’s badass.

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Noon running

Running at lunch break time is good, you can build more resistance, it will make you tough and stronger but depending where you living make sure to stay Hydrated. Make sure you have the appropriate gear and understand why is so hard to run around 12 noon under the heat. Be careful with heat cramps, dehydration and exhaustion. Run by effort not by pace. Get off the roads! Asphalt and concrete absorb heat and radiate it back on to your body. Don’t wear dark colors, its a huge disadvantage. Start your run hydrated and plan your run around water if it’s too hot and humid.



Evening Runs

Phsysically there’s no negatives conected to pm or evenings runs. If you have any drawback will be mostly phsycological. As well  a lot of people says the hardest part about this run is finding the motivation. After a long day of work you will probably feel tired but as I always says you can force yourself and go outside for that run. Create discipline, be consistent and eventually you will see all the improvement on the results. Remember hardwork pays off.



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