Apple Watch 3

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One of the best watches in the market right now. With this watch you can go further with intelligent coaching, an app with a stronger HR measure, your favorite playlists on your wrist and aligned altimeter. With this watch you can be more active, motivated and connected than ever.

You can register your exercises under the roof or outdoor like running, swimming, biking and intervals workout training. If you are doing multiples exercises in a row you can change easily from one training to the other and at the end see the whole resume.

Sync with your gym with a simple touch, you can connect your watch in a wireless form with compatible gym equipment and sync the most important stats like your HR, speed and calories burned to make sure the results are more accurate.


Always ready for the pool or the ocean. This watch was designed to swim and register the exercise you do at the pool or open ocean. When you finish will use sound vibrations to expel water from the speaker.

One of my favorite features is that you can keep training with your favorite apps. If you do circuits, weight lifting or yoga you can keep using your favorite training apps. The exercise you do with this apps will count as well to complete your activity circles. One of my favorite apps is the Nike+ Run Club so this is a good smartwatch to use with this app.

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