Nike+ Run Club

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If you are either a rookie or an experienced runner I want to present you one of the best allies you can have in running.  NRC is a good app you can pair with your smartwatch, it was developed by Nike couple years ago. At the beginning was named Nike+ Running but after some improvements now is called Nike+ Run Club linking the digital running ecosystem more directly to its global real world running community.




With this app you can use audio guided runs that give you a voice inside your head that motivates you to believe you can do it and after shows you how. Bring focus to your mind and body using Audio Guided Runs with Headspace. You can track your progress getting all details such as pace, location distance, elevation heart rate and mile splits and better control of what you see during your runs. You can get personalized coaching. Doesn’t matter what your goal is this app will help you built a plan. It starts with your goals and fitness level and then adapts as you progress.


One of the really cool things is that you can run, compete and compare with your friends and fellow runners. Just hashtag your miles against specific goals or challenges to see where you stand. You can share your run, personalize your post, add photos, stats, etc and the customize who can see it, if its your entire social network or just your friends.




Overall this is my favorite app when it comes to running. It’s easy to use, it’s fun, you can build your own plan if you want to lose some weight or if you want to improve your running. Usually I do around 100 miles a month so this app helps me to keep tracking of all my runs. As well you can joins challenges and this will keep you motivated to achieve you goals and have fun with your friends and fellow runners.