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Good afternoon my fellow smartwatch enthusiasts. Today I’m going to give you a little briefing of another well known smartwatch company. This company is known by the name Suunto. Suunto is an enterprise that is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of sport watches, dive computers, compasses and precision. The headquarters are located in Vantaa, Finland. This company employs more than 300 people worlwide. It’s a subsidiary of Amber sports, wich is a sport goods company having brands like Wilson, Salomon and Atomic Skis, Arc’teryx, Mavic, ENVE Composites, Peak Performance and Precor.

The brand name comes from the word Suunta wich means direction, path or navigation, that’s why I think it’s a pretty cool name because it has a meaning behind the company name. This company was founded in 1932 by Tuomas Vohlonen. This gentlemen applied for a patent for a lightweight compass, his goal was to create a compass that can be protected from shock and wear due to the highly use.

Sunto isn’t just dedicated to smartwatches, they make a variety of magnetic compasses, including A and M series for general navigation. The arrow series are competitive oriented compasses, KB (wich means KäsiBussoli) and MC (Mirror Compass)

In the sport watches market Suunto makes a series of multifunction electronic wristwatches, for example Core, Vector, Ambit, X-Lander and X10, they provide a series of functions including compass bearings, altitude, training efect and gps navigation depending on the model. These multifunction electronic watches are made for sports like sailing, golfing, mountain, hiking, training ans skiing.

When I was looking online for different smartwatch companies that are well known in the sports market this one caught my attention because it was founded 82 years ago so this means this company succeeded to all the market changes and challenges for the last 8 decades. This means Tuomas Vohlonen was a very visionary man, besides of just create a company he decided to create an Empire that will be able and capable of surviving all the business challenges that can appears on the road. This is why after 82 years the company is standing still. As I think is a really good sports company. I took the chance to do some research and check the reviews to recommend you the best sport watches:



Suunto 3 Fitness

The Suunto 3 Fitness is a training watch I will say for beginners. It has features like 7 day training plan, Real training guidance with intensity and duration. 24/7 activity tracker which means this watch is going to register your steps, calories and sleep. I think is a good way to track your training and workout. As well one of the features is calls texts and notifications so you can connect your phone and see the texts messages, answer the phone calls or check your notifications. Overall rating is 3 stars.



Suunto Spartan Trainer

I will say this Suunto Spartan Trainer is a better designed sport watch. It has an overall rate four and a half stars. This gps sport watch is designed with optimal fit in any sport you want, doesn’t matter if it’s swimming, running bicycle, hit the gym or running trails. Has a convenient HR measurement, tracks your activity, calories, and steps 24/7. Another thing that I like from this watch is that comes with GPS route navigation and automatic breadcrumb view, so makes it easier to discover new routes and places. You can join the Suunto Movescount service to create your own routes, search for new training locations and routes using heat maps. The battery last around 10 hours in training mode and up to 30 hours with power saving mode.

Definitely I would recommend this watch for people like me that are in mid level or expert athletes that likes to run, bike and swimming. This watch will be a good mach for your need and will help you to improve your potential.



Suunto 9 Watch

Suunto 9 Watch is designed for expert and advanced level athletes. It counts with intelligent battery mode and smart charging reminders which means will track your activity history to help you ensure you are fully charged for you next challenge. If the watch notice you are running low on battery during a workout will suggest you to change to another battery mode and save energy.  The battery can last up to twenty five hours in performance mode and up to hundred and twenty hours in ultra mode. You can use and test it in the toughest conditions. It’s the perfect watch designed to meet the demands of professional athletes. Designed with sport expertise and support for over 80 sports and multi sport events. If you are serious about sports this is the right match for you. 

Overall this is the best 3 sport watches of Suunto that I would definitely recommend either if you are a beginner, mid level or high performance athlete. Hope you all enjoy it an see you on the next post.

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