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Good evening guys. Tonight I’m going to talk about a really good fitness app that I use with the name of RunKeeper. As some of you guys know the Nike app it’s just for running so we are not able to use it for biking or another Sports. If I am going to go for a bike workout I usually use RunKeeper.

These RunKeeper app is a GPS tracking app for iOS or Android it has an average of around 50 million users. They first launch the app in 2008, 10 years ago, this company was founded by Jason Jacobs. Jacobs is a fitness entrepreneur and a leader from Boston. In February 2016 RunKeeper was acquired by Asics. The main purpose of this app is to track any Fitness activities including activities like walking running and cycling using GPS. We can see specific statistics around the pace distance and time, as well applies coaching, with built-in audio cues. one of the cool features that these app has is you can listen and control music while you are working out, measures the heart rate and you can take pictures while you’re doing your Fitness activity. The application tracks performance over time, so it allows the users to view the history of the activities in details, get notifications if you break any personal records or if you achieve new milestones and measures progress against current goals. You can turn any activity into a route to do again later using the built-in GPS. As well you can share your personal content with friends through post on Facebook or Twitter so all your friends will see your performance.

With this app you can set goals if you have a race, pace or weight in mind. Doesn’t matter if you are working to do a 5K or if you are planning to do a marathon these running app will help you stay with the necessary motivation. You get personalized plans that fits your needs and expectations on the fitness level that you are, as well you will have helpful reminders. A cool feature that this app has is you can see all the progress,  see all the numbers that you’re doing on the workout and as well as you can measure your performance and compare.

This app gets you when you are there for your runs doesn’t matter if you do it for fun or for fitness. A good way for RunKeeper to keep you motivated is that gives you Rewards. When you achieve goals or personal records basically you will receive an alert, if you check the alert you can tap on it and you will get to a screen where you can redeem or deny the reward. I will highly recommend for you guys to keep striving and going for more so you will keep breaking your record and achieve your goals. The more you do, the more rewards you will get and don’t forget you can get a lot of discounts on different things.

Another cool feature that I really like about this app is the routes, You can discover or build and save new running routes. you have challenges to stay motivated in long term and give you the extra help that you will need in order to achieve your personal goals.

I usually use this app when I’m doing biking workouts or using it as a vehicle to go to work and Nike Plus Running Club for running. I run around 200 to 300 miles per month. Usually I use my bike to go to work because it is easier and better since I don’t need to worry about the traffic or spending money on parking lots. My bicycle is a really important tool in my daily activities and as well for workouts or Fitness activities. When I’m working out I usually run at least 20 miles on the bike. I’m living in Miami so I like to take the route from Downtown Miami to Key Biscayne, this route is frequented by other cyclists, runners, and as well a lot of triathletes. Honestly I love this route because I’m able to do my workouts, enjoy the views and have a lot of fun. Basically this app is a really great tool for athletes in all the different areas.

If you’re the type of person that love to workout, enjoy different type of sports and you have a smartwatch, I will highly recommend these running app for you. You can either use it to running, biking, walking Etc. I have been using this app for over a year. I will give this app five stars. It’s accurate, you can build your own route, get coaching, see the stats, track, compare and improve in order to achieve your goals, get to a higher performance and achieve your potential. I will see you guys on the next post, have a good night and remember always strive to achieve more and never give up.

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