Best running and cycling apps for your smartwatch

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Today I’m going to give you some of the best recommendations in running and cycling apps for your smartwatches. I know sometimes if you are trying to start doing exercise could be a little difficult to find the right app for you that can help you out to achieve your goals, so I’m going to give you a briefing of the best apps out there.


1. Nike+ Run Club


Designed by Nike. This app have a lot of features such as:

  • You can run and Train with the Global Community
  • Ask an expert when you need training tips and product recommendations.
  • Spotify playlists
  • NRC trial track where you can go for a run with one on one coaching.
  • Nike+ Training Club you can run smarter and train better over 100 workouts created by Nike Master Trainers.


Nike says we all are meant to be runners. If you want to bring out the runner inside you, Nike definitely will help you out. If you are either a rookie or an experienced runner Nike is one of the best allies you can have in running.  NRC is a good appyou can pair with your smartwatch, it was developed by Nike couple years ago. At the beginning was named Nike+ Running but after some improvements now is called Nike+ Run Club linking the digital running ecosystem more directly to its global real world running community.


2. Google Fit


Is a health tracking platform developed by Google for Android and Wear OS. It’s a single set of application programming interface that put together  data from multiple apps and devices. This app uses sensors to record physical fitness activities like walking or cycling, they are measured with the users fitness goals to provide a detailed view of their fitness.


3. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is a social fitness network that is GPS based app that is used to track running, cycling and swimming activities. The word “strava” in swedish means strive which represents your attitude and ambition. The company mission is to build the best engaged community of athletes in the world.

With this app you can:

  • Upload activities to the Strava site directly via app or via one of the Strava’s data partner Garmin
  • Provides distance, pace, speed and elevation.
  • Provide comparison with other users activities.
  • Measure heart rate and power data if paired with gps devices.
  • Route plan view
  • Timing


4. Runtastic Running Pro

Is an Austrian mobile fitness company. Combines traditional fitness with mobile apps, social network and elements of gamification. It’s an activity tracker apps with training logs, data analysis, comparison with other users. The goal is to help user improve their overall fitness.


  • Outdoor, indoor and fitness activities
  • 12 week bodyweight training plan
  • Track progress and and set goals
  • Track distance, time, pace and calorie consumption.

With the social fitness platform users can find a more complete detailed analysis of their fitness activities. You can share information with your friends. Fitness site is available in 12 languages.


5. Endomodo


A social fitness network that allow users to track their fitness and health activities with a mobile app and website. In 2015 was acquired by Under Armour by $85 million.

You can track fitness activities such as running, running routes, distance, duration and calories. It helps to analyze your performance and help with improvements.

It has two versions, one free and one paid. The free version have advertisements. The paid version is free of advertisements and include features such as create your own training plan. Different features vary between Android, IOS and Windows platforms.


6. Apple Health


It’s a health and informatics mobile app launched in 2014. This app makes it easy to learn about your health and helps you to reach your goals. Consolidates data from your iPhone, Apple watch and third party apps you already use being able to view all your progress in one convenient place with I think is a huge advantage for the Apple users.

It has 4 categories: Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness and Nutrition. Perfect to keep track of your overall health.


7. Workout for Android Wear


Fitness app for Android users. Based on the scientific workout routine. Provides twelve exercises to get in shape. The app shows the exercises with a countdown timer and offers specific statistics right in your smartwatch.


8. RaceRunner


Launched in 2017 by a runner, Buddhika Madduma is a smartphone application that provides runners the opportunity to race against other runners in different locations, share images from their runs and connect with one another through social media.

During the race the app automatically tells you the position in the pack, the pace and distance traveled. You can join races hosted by people across the world or connect with available racers for a friendly jog. As well the runner can track their progress and position globally and receive points than can be used for running gear.



Here is my best recommendations for all those runner and cyclists around the globe. This are the best apps in the market. Honestly if you ask me which ones are my top 3 I would say first will be Nike because I’m a really huge fan of Nike since I was a little kid, second place I will choose RunKeeper because is a runner and cyclist friendly app with a lot of cool features, and last but not least Race Runner because is an innovative app that give you the chance to race other people around the world with I think is a unique feature. Hope all of you enjoy and see you on the next post.



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