Samsung Smartwatches

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Good afternoon people. Today we are going to talk about a really cool smartwatches brand. This brand is Samsung Gear. As we know Samsung is a well known multinational company, industry leaders in technology. One of their lines is the wearable smart watches produced by Samsung electronics. Today I will show you in detail everything about this really amazing smartwatches.


Samsung Gear Fit

This one is a fitness wristband watch release date in April 2014. It’s a 24/7 wearable, always in activity tracking keeping record of all your activities through the day, it has a personal life Fitness motivator, heart rate sensor, and as well real-time coaching to support and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. With a simple interaction you can easily control basic functions like calls message and quick reply to messages. The watch is equipped with instant notification, SMS, incoming calls and third-party applications.




Samsung Gear live


Compatible with any smartphone with Android 4.3, Jelly Bean or hiker. Powered by Google Android Wear. This watch count with accelerometer, scope, compass, it’s always on, just say OK Google.




Samsung Gear S

These Samsung smartwatch has a 4 gigabytes memory 2.0 gigahertz processor speed, it is compatible with Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S4 Mini, Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4. It’s the successor of the Samsung Gear 2 online





Samsung Gear S2


Release date in 2015. Runs the tizen operating system, memory storage of 4 gigabytes. You can send and receive texts, calendar notifications, news updates and more right on your wrist. The battery performance can vary depending on the network condition and configurations. This watch has a rotating bezel and the unique circular interface. With a circular design and state of Steel Construction these watch matches your style. Thousands of apps available. Give a unique look changing the bands and with hundreds of available watch faces.





Samsung Gear Fit 2


This one is a water resistant up to 50 meters so you can go to the pool, running the rain and recover in the shower. You have power through intervals to the beat of your favorite tracks and music. Boost every session with Fitness app Power by Under Armour. It tracks your miles with my run app, and stay on top of your nutrition with MyFitnessPal. You can get a more accurate view of your performance with an all day calorie Burn and check your heart rate. It is compatible with smartphones so you can use this watch either with Android or iPhone at least iPhone 5 with iOS 9.0.





Samsung Gear S3


A really cool watch in wich doesn’t matter how your day is going the Gear S3 will be ready for any challenge. This watch have two designs, the classic and the frontier, Frontier it’s ready for the adventure and the classic have a style of modern luxury.

With this watches you can leave your phone at home because it has a 4G LTE connectivity that uses your mobile data plan which allows you to send texts, emails notifications and make calls without having the phone on you. Samsung Gear have the Samsung pay app and allows you to pay almost anywhere that you had user credit card, these means you will not need a wallet or your phone. You can go out with this watch either for running hiking biking or just for fun to a restaurant, because with the GPS you can stay on track. It has a military grade durability, resist water, dust and extreme temperatures and occasional drop. The battery lasts up to 3 days in single charge, so you can venture further anywhere you going and when the battery gets low the wireless charger will help you out without slowing down. You can access the app just rotating the bezel, record workouts with the S Health, you can take rides with Uber, make reservation or even warm up your house. Another cool feature is a watch customization, you can change the straps colors and designs and choose a band that fit your style. In resume this watch count with different features such as full color display, GPS, battery that lasts up to 3 days, built-in microphone and speaker, military grade durability water and dust resistant steel bezel.





Samsung Gear sport

This Gear Sport is water-resistant and swim ready up to 50 meters. You can get accurate all day fitness tracking, calorie entry and personal coaching. Samsung pay NFC compatibility it’s easy to make a payment from your wrist. As well you can receive updates and receive and reply to calls and texts. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.





Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

This is a water resistant up to 50 meters, can go to the pool, run, and Recover in the shower. You can listen to your favorite tracks with music storage. It has fitness apps, Mark my run, my fitness pound and great view of your performance. Compatible with Android and iOS.

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