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Good afternoon people! Today we are going to talk about a Chinese technology company named Mobvoi. This company are the creators of the Ticwatch Smartwatch. Before stepping a little deep into the smartwatches let’s talk about the company’s background. Mobvoi is an artificial intelligence company that developed Chinese voice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical search technology in house. The people inside this company its composed by ex googlers, artificial intelligence experts, ex Nokia employees, engineers and researchers. The company was founded in 2012 by Zhifei Li. In 2013 David Ortiz add a voice search service feature in the popular messaging app, WeChat. In 2014 they released their own Android basis Smartwatch operating system ticwear OS 1.0. They partnered with frog design to release the ticwatch. In 2015 the ticwatch was launched it in China featuring TicWear 3.0. The ticwatch has been ranked first in sales for Android smart watches in China coma second to Apple watch on platforms such as, T Mall, Suning and Amazon. The ticwatch has around a hundred thousand plus users and a hundred million plus in sales. Now that we know a little bit of the background of this technology company lets move to the smart watches. They have three models of smartwatches and one Smart speaker.




Ticwatch Pro

The Ticwatch pro is a premium smartwatch designed to last 5 to 30 days of battery life on a simple charge. It has two screens, two modes, and the control to take full advantage of each. Smart mode is powered by Wear OS by Google, beautiful AMOLED display, 2 to 5 the battery life. In essential mode is Fitness Watch High sunlight readability 30-day battery life. It has a premium design made from premium materials and built to last, smart, high quality and stylish. Tough and durable, waterproof and has hybrid leather straps. You can customize your watch with thousands of watch face options available on Google Play. You can let your watch reflect your mood and of course be unique. It has health and fitness companion, to make sure your health and fitness information is accurate. Features included in this watch are GPS tracker built-in, heart rate monitor, step counter, calories counter and speed monitor. As well you can synchronize your preferred applications to make the watch is more efficient for you.




TicWatch S&E

Compatible with Android and IOS this watch have the latest Wear OS by Google, giving you access to the entire Google Play application. It’s designed to fit your life with an active aesthetic combined with the lightweight design that allows to comfortably fit your wrist. This watch as well counts with the hey Google feature which it makes easier when you need to reply message or answer and reject calls. Battery life last up to 48 Hours. It has an advanced Fitness assistant so you can check your heart rate, monitor steps, and GPS. Splash proof in Daily wet environment it is not made for shower or swimming. You can upgrade your workout, track your heart rate and steps, calculate calories burned, measuring intake and manage your workout schedule. Also with the GPS built-in you can map your workout routine.





Ticwatch Classic

Described as a personal assistant on your wrist. Is the most interactive SmartWatch with Simplicity, quality, and craftsmanship. It counts with stay connected and state organized mode, vacations, tickle side strip, hands-free phone calls, and voice reply to messages. with the easy to read notifications you can quickly access your message and calendar reminders and stay organized. You can simply swipe up to see all the notifications and swipe down to see your quick setting toggles. With the quick cards feature you can easily check your heart rate, control your music, and even check the weather just using your gestures. Reply to messages you can leave behind the manual data entry. The Voice Assistant will do it for you. With voice interaction you can easily respond to messages or my notifications, reminders, and calendar appointments without touching the screen. Tickle side strip is a patented tickle Dodge navigation strips gives you control of the watch without using or blocking the screen.




TicHome Mini

The Home Smart speaker counts with a built-in battery that can last up to 6 hours of battery life. Effortless set up so you can make the saddle easy with a Google home app. Unafraid of water, take Google Assistant anywhere. It counts with the fastest Bluetooth pairing. You can experience the full potential of Google Assistant everywhere in your house. Your own personal Google always ready to help.


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