Polar Pro Series Smartwatches

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Good afternoon people today’s post will be about the Polar smart watches company. So before heading to take a look to the SmartWatches let’s see a little bit of the background of the company. this company is based in Kempele, Finland. Founded in 1977 This company have 26 subsidiaries with around 12,000 employees and 35,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries. these company have around 1,200 employees around the world. Polar develops a wide range of heart rate monitoring devices and accessories for training and Fitness, as well to measure hear rate. Now that we know a little bit of the company background let’s go to the cool part that we love which is the smart watches. As always I will give you a little resume about the different type of smart watches.

Polar have a really awesome line of pro smartwatches in wich you can improve your potential with a series of high technology an advanced¬† smartwatches for pro athletes. So if you consider yourself as an athlete and a winner but you don’t take it for granted, you need to take a look to this area and check it out all these pretty cool smart watches.



Polar V800 GPS Sport Watch

This is an advanced multi-sport GPS watch for serious sports enthusiast and pro athletes who want to reach their fullest potential. In the features of this watch we can see for example training load, which means it shows you how your training affects your body, it helps you out as well to compare different workout sessions. With this feature you will be able to adjust your training intensity and will be easier for you to improve. The recovery status will provide you the necessary time for your recovery before your next training session. The training benefit feature will give you a lot of motivation feedback after you finish the training and will say the effect of the workout session. The running index will tells how’s your running performance developing. It has a smart calories feature that will says how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender and your maximun heart rate. The orthostatic Tests is a test to determine you actual condition, it shows how you heart rate answers to the training. The fitness test will measure five minutes of your aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate. You can use this to see and compare how much progress you are making.



Polar Vantage V


This is a premium GPS Multisport watch for multisports and triathlon training.  Comes in three different colors such as black, white and orange. This watch gives you all the accurate data you need to maximize your performance. You can monitor your running power measuring it from the wrist with no additional foot pods or sensors. Optimize your training finding the right balance between training and rest and stay injury free with the training load and recovery tracking solution. Know your train with the new load pro, this feature will give you comprehensive view on how your training sessions strain your body in multiple ways.





Polar Vantage M



A watch designed for running and multisports. Tue Polar Vantage M will give you the chance to challenge your limits, an all around multisport and running GPS for anyone who loves breaking and setting new records. It’s a slim lightweight training watch that will give you all the information to improve your performance and get to your maximum potential. It’s a combination of an innovative sports technology and lightweight design. It has a next level wrist based heart rate monitoring. You can match your watch with any look with the changeable wristband. You can use any band with 22 mm spring bars. It’s an all in one training partner. Make your work visible and choose from over 130 sports. Have the perfect training platform for the data loving athlete. So if you are like me and you love keep tracking of your progress this is the right watch for you. The watch works with Polar Flow which is a online window to your training, sleep and activity. With this app is easy to have your training data in one place. You can plan, train and analyze with the automatic training diary, extensive planning and analysis tools. As well gives you progres reports and the support of the Polar Flow Community.


This three watches are the pro line of Polar smartwatches. They have really advanced features for pro athletes, you will be able to keep tracking, compare, plan and improve your workouts. Polar have the right watches and tools to get you to another level. Thanks for reading the post guys and see you on the next one.

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