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Good afternoon guys. Today is a good day, it is the release date of the new Apple Watch Series 4. So lets take a deep look and see what this watch have to offer for the market and what new features will bring to the customers.


First thing is the Pro Active Health Monitor. Electrocardiography with low and high heart rate measures. It has a fall detection and Emergency SOS. Made to improve and protect your health everyday. Helps you to live a healthier life, you manage everything from everyday stress to the calories you burn. The watch have electrodes built into the digital crown and with the ECG app will be able to read your heart rate electrical signals. Just touch the Digital Crown and get an ECG in 30 seconds.  The good thing about the ECG app is that will tell you if you are having or have signs of atrial fibrillation which is a serious form of irregular heart beat or sinus rhythm which is when your heart is beating in a normal form. The ECG app it’s coming later this year. The Digital Crown is a new feature that have a titanium electrode that reads the electrical heart impulse in your fingertip. The back crystal electrodes is an ultrathin chromium silicon carbon nitride layer applied to the sapphire crystal to reads the electrical heart impulse in  your wrist.  The Apple Watch Series 4 it’s able to read and record the electrical impulses that your heart send out. The results of the electrocardiography, classification and any notes you put on similar symptoms will be automatically stored in the Health App of the iPhone in case if you decide to share them with your doctor. The watch has a new technology in which will measure and alert you of any low or high heart rates, better known as arrhythmias, so you can take action and consult with your doctor.  Take track of all your health data in on place with the iPhone Health App. Activity Sleep, mindfulness and nutrition.


An awesome feature is the Fall detection. I love it because it has an accelerometer and gyroscope that will detect that you have fallen. When something like this occurs a hard fall alert is delivered and you can easily call the emergency services or reject the alert if you decide to. If you don’t respond after 60 seconds, the emergency call will be placed and a message with the location will be sent to the emergency contacts. The emergency SOS feature will allow you to call and get help from 911. This feature will send the location and display your Medical ID badge on the emergency personnel screen. The Apple Watch will do all of this with your phone even if your phone is away from your location.


Fill your lungs and clear your mind is another excellent feature. Will help you out through the day to take a break and relax. Practicing mindfulness can help to reduce stress and I think this is one of the most important parts to have a healthy life. The feature will guide you through a series of calming breaths and it’s available as a watch face, so you can bring focus to your day just by raising your wrist. Other apps are available to make health your first priority. Whether if you want to drink more water, improve your sleep or manage conditions like diabetes, the apple watch have the right apps for you.


Redesigned watch with re-engineering from the corners to the all new display, to the architecture of the S4 chip. All the details has been considered. A unique product that now it’s more powerful. It has the largest apple watch display yet. This is the defining feature of the Apple watch. 30% larger while the new display technology named LTPO improves the power efficiency. This means will allows you to get through the day on a single charge.


Workout features, one of my favorite parts. The new Apple Watch is more than a sport watch, it’s a personal trainer that will help you achieve your goals and get to your fullest potential. Doesn’t matter if you training for a marathon, triathlons or just swimming at the pool, this watch will adapt to all your needs. You can set individual goals, measure your calorie burn and track your progress. It has weather condition feature that will tells yo the current temperature, high and lows of the day and the air quality. Music and podcasts to keep you moving during the training. You can play with other people. Use Nike Training Club with more than 180 workouts. Swimming apps, running and cycling. Comprehensive activity tracker to help you understand the ways you behave or move during the day. Shows your daily movement in move, exercise and stand. They will measure your progress all day long. Easy ways to connect with freedom of phone. With this watch you can make a call from the trail, talk to your friend with the Walkie- talkie. Use apple Music or make an order with Siri. All this features will make it easy for you to stay connected with the people and information you car the most even when you don’t have your phone.


Overall I need to say this is one of the bests smartwatches out here. You can take care of your health, check your heart rates, make notes for the doctor, listen to apple music, workout plans, make training goals, call, texts, use the Walkie talkie feature with your friends and the mos important, if you are training, running or doing any sport and you fall, this watch will notify to the emergency services. Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most complete watches on the market. Hope you all love the review and see you on the next post. Have a good day everyone.



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