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Good evening people, tonight I’m going to write about a Amazfit smartwatches. This company is really new in comparation with other industry leaders. Amazfit was launched in 2014 and it’s the largest wearable device company with over 50 million units sold and 17.1% global marketshare. Some of the company smartwatches under the Amazfit brand are the Pace, Arc, Bip, Moonbeam and Equator. Huami (partner company) is also the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and maker of the Mi Band. The company investors are Sequoia, Banyan, Shunwei, Xiaomi and Morningside Capital. Now lets take a look to the portfolio.




A GPS enable sports smartwatch with 5 days battery life. You can run phone free with the on-board music storage, while tracking pace, , distance, time, heart rate and more. It has sport modes such as indoor/ outdoor, run, trail run, walk, indoor / outdoor bike, elliptical and much more. Check your training plan for beginners, 5k, 10k, and marathon runners. You can customize the watch face by uploading personal photos and receive calls, texts, emails, and app notifications. It supports Strava data Sync. You can choose between orange and gray color.

Have key features such as Sports for indoor, outdoor run, trail, walk, indoor and outdoor bike, elliptical, climbing, etc. Run tracking to track your runs and measure distance, time, pace, heart rate, calories burned, speed, moving pace, moving speed, etc. Phone free music with internal storage. GPS to track the route. Notifications for phone call, messages, emails and other apps and heart rate to measure your heart monitoring and tracking.





Is the premium multisport GPS smartwatch with 5 atm water resistance, VO2max fitness level analysis, heart rate sensor, transflective color touch display. Rugged carbon fiber design with polished ceramic, scratch resistance tempered glass, 3 stainless steel buttons for easy navigation, 22mm watch strap. Supports detailed sports and GPS tracking such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer, and more.

Key features such as detailed sports tracking: running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing. Automatically track your daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate and sleep quality. You can get emails, texts, calls and other apps messaging notifications. GPS tracking and 165 feet water resistance rating.





A heart rate, activity and sleep tracker that combines high durability with a special design in a marine grade stainless steel and corning gorilla glass housing. Protected against complete submersion in water for swimming and water activities. Bright 1.23 inch color touch screen. Messages, emails, calls and apps notifications. Sleep tracking, exercise tracking, 7 day weather forecast, alarms, timer, stopwatchs and 12 day battery life.





The newest addition to the Amazfit portfolio. Features a 30 day battery life on a single charge, reflective color touch display, GPS, barometer, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, sports and sleep tracking. 31 grams of weight. Receive emails . text messages, calls and other apps notifications. Track your runs, cycling and other sports with detailed PS routes and stats.






Activity tracker for calories burned, sleep, and enables the user to program vibrating alerts for calls. The slimmest and most lightweight activity tracker on the market. Designed from flexible and comfortable TPU silicone. Adjustable double caps fit all wrist sizes. Water resistant up to 3 feet and 30 minutes with P168 rating.






Is a water resistant activity and sleep tracker with optical heart rate sensor and scrat resistant OLED touch screen. Designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. 20 days of battery life.  Comprehensive tracking to stay motivated and meet your health goals. Easy access to the time, daily step count, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and battery status without phone access. Vibration alert for calls and alarms.






Activity tracker for calories burned, sleep, alerts for calls. Award winning design that balance fashion with function and performance. Water resistant up to 3 feet and 30 minutes with P168 rating. 10 days of battery life from a single charge, wireless charging, and hypoallergenic ceramic.



Overall is a versatile company. They have a wide range of the portfolio products. Everything the athletes need for their preferred sport. If you are and advanced athlete you can use the Stratos or if you are a beginner you can choose between the Pace, Core or Beep. A new company but with a wide range of products to feed and fulfill the athletes needs. As well the prices range are really affordable in comparation with other brands so if you guys doesn’t want to invest a lot of money in other smartwatches and activity trackers you can go with this company without losing quality and value.

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