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Good morning people. Today it’s a beautiful day, I just finished my morning cardio and feel super good. On this topic today lets check it out the Sony smart products. As most of you know Sony is a big company industry leaders in the electronics area, creators of the PlayStation and of course they are involved in the smartwatches area. Let’s take a deep look to the smart products they have and what they have to offer to exceed our needs and expectations.



SmartWatch 3 SWR50


This is the new and innovative Sony smartwatch made to make your life easier and help you achieve your goals. The SmartWatch 3 uses GPS to track your route and distance letting you see how far you’ve come. The built in compass helps you be a  fearless adventurer and as well make sure you find your way back home. The accelerometer helps you track your walk, run or take a stroll and detect what activity exactly you’re doing. Comes with a gyroscope in which combined with the accelerometer enable precise calculation of your movements and direction. This watch is everything you need on your wrist, allows you to check social networks such as facebook, instagram and much more. Listen to your favorite music and will automatically sync with your watch. If you don’t have your phone with you, don’t worry, the built in Wi-Fi allows you to interact with apps on your watch instead of picking up your phone. You can get notifications, messages, manage social media and much more, all in your wrist. Android Wear syncs notifications from your smartphone and bring you useful information when you need it. A cool thing is that the SmartWatch 3 SWR50 comes in a range of stunning designs, you can choose classic stainless steal chainlink, leek leather or something sporty allowing you to customize and match the watch with your style. Just pop out the core unit and put a different strap.

It’s only compatible with Android 4.3 and after and Android Wear. It’s water protected but not for swimming or diving. Wifi, NFC and bluetooth connection. Up to 2 day battery life. Comes with built in GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer.





Xperia Ear Duo


This is a new model of earbuds that offers an innovative listening experience while staying connected to the world. This earbuds allows you to enjoy music, make calls, listen to the schedule, weather forecast and much more. With this technology you can hear the best of both worlds, it’s a new listening style that allows you to hear the outside world during calls and music. The ergonomic design will make you forget you wearing it because it leaves the ear canal open, so wearing it will be a new experience. Comes with smart assistance so you can get on smart actions based on where your are and what you’re doing with Daily Assist. As well you can connect to voice assistants such as Google and Siri.





SmartBand 2


An innovative activity tracker with intelligent heart rate monitor. This smartband will keep track of all your daily activities. The heart rate, movement, sleep patterns, and moments of calm and excitement. Measures the stress levels letting you decide if you should take a breathe or go all the way in. SmartBand will always keep and eye on your pulse and stress level, monitoring the rise and falls of the energy levels and then you can see what keeps you calm and do more of what makes you happy. The heart rate monitor will be in charge of constantly check your pulse, on the go or sitting at your desk. Will keep track of what activities raise your heart rate and what activities puts your heart back to its normal rate.

Moving feature will keep track of your running, walking or rushing between meetings. However you move, the SmartBand 2 captures it all so you can see how’s your behavior, even while you’re asleep. With the Lifelong app you can store information from the past week, month, year and beyond. Allowing you to store events, photos or music. Manage messages and calls with vibrating alert and optional colored leds. This will let you know when receiving a call or message.





SmartBand Talk SWR30


The new stylish smartband that will help you keep on the move. Makes your life easier when you need to make and answer calls. Keeps yourself updated with the SmartBand Talk display allowing you to open messages and other notifications. Keeps track of how you life and move. Detects when you run, walk and sleep. Easy to change straps, this will make possible to change the straps color and give it the best style that fits you. Battery life lasts up to 3 days and 1 hour in talk time. Up to 15 meters water resistance.

All this innovative Sony smart products were made to make your life easier. Personally I would love to try the earbuds and the smartwatch for running, cycling and to keep tracking of my normal days. I think Sony has made a great job innovating the market with all these smart products. Hope you guys love the post and see you on the next one.

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