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Good morning people. Hope you all having a good day. It’s Sunday, it’s a beautiful day, hope everyone finished the morning workout or cardio. I found another cool smartwatch company found in 1991 in Netherlands, the name of this company is TomTom. Let’s take a look to the smartwatches this company has to offer to the athletes and people who loves sports.


Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch

A fitness watch built with multiple sports modes to make sure every workout counts, doesn’t matter the sport. You can track your gym workouts, runs, cycles, swims and much more. Find out which sport helps you get fitter when you review your performance in the Sports App. This watch provides personalized workouts, you can be able to challenge yourself with over 50 workouts fitted on your fitness level. When you pick a run or cycle workout you can get a step by step coaching to help you achieve your goals. The fitness age feature will discover how fit you really are and how you can get fit faster. Helps you to stick to the most impact activities to see your fitness age drop. The built in heart rate monitor will help you to monitor your heart rate without the chest strap. As well shows you the intensity of your training so you know if you can push a little harder. Comes with music player with 3GB of music for over 500 song on your watch. GPS tracking to help you track your speed, pace and location data running. As well 24/7 activity tracking to keep tracking you performance such as steps, heart rate, calories burned and sleep  during the whole day. The Sports App bring efforts and detailed insights of your performance and you can go deep to see detailed breakdowns and more analysis.  A waterproof what that allows you to go up to 40 meters. Customizable straps to give a unique look to your watch.  Phone notifications and route explorations. Comes in 3 models: Spark Music + Headphones, Spark 3 cardio and Spark 3 Cardio + Music.



Touch Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker smartwatch that measure your body composition for body fat and muscle mass percentage. Built in heart rate monitor to get 24/7 information. 24/7 activity tracking in which will measure steps, active time, calories burned, distance walked and sleep. Sports mode to give you access to your sports, workouts and track your stats. It’s a touch screen watch and comes with phone notifications so you can manage incoming calls and text notifications.





Adventurer GPS MultiSport Watch

Multisport smartwatch that provides built in heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate on your hand without the chest strap. The Heart Rate Zone Training helps you train the right intensity. Fitness Age will measure how fit you are and how to get you fitter faster. Comes with personalized workout to challenge yourself with over 50 workouts based on your fitness level that will helps you get fitter and improve faster.  Trail exploration feature will assist you in discovering new trails, push your limits and never take the same route twice again with the GPS base trail exploration. Upload the desired trail before starting your workout and follow it into uncharted territory. Comes with advanced training modes for the people who loves challenging workouts and want to take their performance to the next level with the advanced training. The sports App will help you get detailed insights on your performance and brings out the best of you helping you understand and improve your performance. A watch that is made for great outdoors, resistant up to 40 meters so you can measure the laps at the pool, cool of in a lake or take off in  the rivers. This watch includes

  • Real-time Information with GPS and Barometer
  • Outdoor Sports Modes
  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
  • Trail Exploration
  • Integrated Music Player (3 GB)
  • Bluetooth headphones included
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • Automatic Lift Detection


This are the Tom Tom smartwatches products. They have a really cool range of products to fulfill and exceeds our expectations when it comes to sports related. Doesn’t matter if you’re a long distance runner, triathlon athlete, swimmer, works out at the gym or just simply enjoy challenges and adventures, these watches will be the right fit for you. Hope you guys love the post. Thanks for reading and coming to my blog and have a beautiful day.

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