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Top luxury smartwatches for 2018

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Good afternoon people. Hope you all are having a good day today. Today’s blog post will be about luxury smartwatches. I was looking to find models of smartwatches that at the same time have a touch of luxury, the perfect watch for the people that loves smartwatches and lifestyle. I’m going to show you the best and amazing watches that I found in the smartwatch luxury area.




Watch Series 3 Hermès

This Apple watch is an ultra-luxe smartwatch that comes with 1Ghz Dual-Core median processor. Have one sim card slot. The 42mm Hermès edition allows download up to 150 Mbps for internet browsing. With a 4.2 Bluetooth version and Wi-Fi integrated allows you to make payments and connection to other devices. This watch weights 53 grams and it’s 11.4mm of thickness. You can go swimming with this watch up to 50 meters. The built-in GPS and electronic SIM allows you to stay connected while leaving the phone behind. You can make calls, send texts, play music, set alarms and get notifications from you best apps. This phone it’s compatible with iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later. Let’s mention as well that this watch comes with features such as heart rate sensor, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, direct fire speaker and microphone.




Movado Connect

A luxury smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google, it’s Android Compatible And select iPhone models with a 46.5 mm stainless steel case. Stay connected while you leave your phone behind. Comes with features such as calendar, messages, email, and social media apps allowing you to stay updated on everyday happenings. The 1.39” AMOLED touchscreen display gives this watch a unique design with 400 x 400 resolution. The stainless steel case and the silicone watch band ensure durability and as well an elegant look on this watch. It’s water resistant up to 5 feet of water and it’s wireless Bluetooth connection enabling one-touch pairing.




Garmin Fénix Chronos

The best smartwatch for the adventurer in you. Is a premium multisport watch with high strength, scratch resistant sapphire lens. The Elevate technology measures the heart rate at the wrist, giving you the chance to check your heart rate without the chest strap. Comes with outdoor sensors such as GPS and GLONASS satellite reception and barometric altimeter with 3 axis compass. You can receive smart notifications such as emails, texts, alerts and more. The battery lasts up to 8 days in smartwatch mode, up to 13 hours in GPS mode and up to 25 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode. This watch was crafted with premium jewelers materials, as well have the ultimate outdoor navigation and fitness tracking features including Elevate wrist heart rate technology, activity tracking, smart notifications and more. What I love from this watch is that combines the style with the high performance and comes in 3 different styles; steel with the vintage leather band, steel with the brushed stainless steel band and titanium with brushed titanium hybrid band.

The advanced running dynamics and physiological metrics gives you the opportunity to go further with your running data and check the extended physiological metrics and advanced running dynamics. Another cool thing that I like is the swim, ski board, rowing, and golf mode, the special features will help you with swim straining, skiing, golfing and paddle sports including paddle board and rowing. The watch provides advanced navigation and tracking to guide you on and off the beaten road with the GPS and ABC, for me, this is one of the most important features because sometimes we go off the road on trial training and this watch will help us to not get lost and get back on the track.




Montblanc Summit

One of my favorite ones is the Montblanc Summit. This one has the latest technology, a perfect smartwatch for the people that love the luxury lifestyle. Comes with a personal assistant, you can reduce the stress and minimize the effort using this feature. The global translator traduces phrases in more than a thousand languages. You can travel way much comfortable using the hands-free boarding, this feature will give you documents, flight information and much more, all in your wrist. The heart rate monitor will always keep track of your well being with the integrated wrist sensor. You can play music and listen to all your favorite tracks wherever the day takes you. Activity levels feature allows you to hit your peak with everything you need to measure and get your fitness to the next level. Get notifications and be aware of your top priorities at every time. You can get messages, emails and reply them via text or voice command. The office assistant will set reminders, update your agenda and check your investments, everything to make your life easier. The navigate feature gives you route maps being able for you to spend less time on the phone while you enjoy the environment. Get notifications on where’s the action with personalized tips. As well you can customize the watch with a lot of watch faces allowing you to adapt to any occasion and tailor the look of your watch with your outfit.


This is my top selection regarding luxury smartwatches. All of them are unique and have a special touch that makes them different from each other. You will be able to wear a luxury watch with the necessary features of a smartwatch. So far my favorite is the Montblanc Summit because of the wide range of features such as the hands-free boarding, personal assistant and more, but personally, I would say all of the watches are high-end quality, all of them a great and unique watches that are worth the investment. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next post.

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