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Best Casio smartwatches on the market.

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Whats going on people, I just found 2 really amazing smartwatches that caught my attention and I want to share with you some more information of these two really cool timepieces. The first one is the Casio WSD-F30 which is not available to the market, will be available in January 2019 and the other one is Casio WSD-F20 wich is currently on the market and is the best smartwatch from the Casio brand at the moment, so let’s take a deep look and see what these two timepieces has to offer.


Casio WSD-F30

Smartwatch GPS compatible including GLONASS, GPS, Michibiki. For those of you who don’t know. GLONASS is the Global Navigation Satellite System and Michibiki means Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. This watch comes with color maps, which is a feature that I really like personally to see the route you’re taking and all that stuff. The maps are compatible with offline support and you can save up to five offline maps. Powered with Wear OS by Google. Has a 1.2-inch dual layer display color OLED and a monochrome LCD. Comes with a captive touchscreen with is something that I love on the smartwatches and it’s water resistance up to 50 meters. Features such as air pressure and the altitude sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass sensor will help you to put your workouts on the next level. As well have a built-in microphone and vibrator. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The recharging time is around 3 hours at room temperature with is a really short period of time and then will be ready to go. The battery life last around 1.5 days roughly in normal use, in multi timepiece mode lasts around 1 month depending on the usage. The weight of this watch is just 83g including the wristband. This timepiece will give you your current location on the map, will save daily location info, point marker and point navigation. You can use it for trekking, fishing, cycling, paddle boarding, running, snow activities etc. Last but not least this beautiful timepiece will give you altitude and atmospheric pressure measurements, sunrise/sunset time if you are on the middle of your run or workout you can stop and take couple pictures of the beautiful sunset or sunrise, will give you tide graphics and activity calories such as step count, calories etc. The watch will come with AC adaptor and a special charger cable. The use of this device will require Android 4.4 and up excluding Go edition and IOS 9.3 or later.


This is a military watch tested with the highest specifications, you can choose of 3 modes to suit your activity, use the monochrome and color displays separately to maintain a good visibility in any type of environment. The optimal management of battery power fits your planned activities and help you to reduce power usage while you still doing your things even in 3 days and 2 nights excursion. Only time and sensor data are displayed when the monochrome LCD is in use. Selecting this feature will cut power usage dramatically and offers security in areas where charging is not possible. As well two display styles are available for outdoor and daily life for when you are doing your normal daily life things, running errands or just at your favorite restaurant. This watch will be available from January 2019.






Casio WSD-F20

This one is the previous version of the WSD-F20. It’s compatible with GLONASS and Michibiki. The color maps support offline use. It is powered by Wear OS by Google. The display is a 1.32-inch dual color display and monochrome LCD. A capacitive touchscreen that is anti-fouling coating. Same as the WSD-F30 is water resistant up to 50 meters. Military standard issued by the US Dept of Defense. Low-temperature resistance down to -10 Celsius. Comes with sensors such as air pressure and the altitude sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass magnetic sensor. Built-in microphone and vibrator. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The buttons on the watch are tool button, power, and app button. The charging method is a magnetic charging terminal and the recharging time is around 2 hours, 1 hour faster than the WSD-F30. Battery life when GPS is turned off is 1 day in normal use, 2-day normal use with the auto off and in timepiece mode for more than 1 month. The weight of the watch is approx. 92 grams with watchband, 90 rams with a wristband, 94 grams with soft urethane band and 90 grams with cloth band. Phone compatibility is Android 4.4 or higher excluding Go Edition and with iOS 9.3 or later or iPhone 5 or later.


You can use this watch for any type of activity, doesn’t matter if its running horses, kayaking, running, swimming cycling or anything more. This watch is the perfect everyday partner. Comes with different watch faces, approximately 8 different choices, powered by Wear OS by Google, you can use google play music, google fit to track your fitness activities, google maps for your routes and googles translation if you need to traduce anything. For example comes with new features such as Ski Tracks which is one of the worlds favorite ski and snowboard app with distance and special measurements, Fishbrain if you are a fishing lover, Hole 19 app for the people that are golf lovers or golf pros, Viewranger to plan, navigate and outdoor adventures, ViewRanger for Trail map displays and guides, Glassy for surfers to log surfing sessions, SwimPro if you love swimming or training for races, Exercise Timer for gym sessions and much more. This watch will have everything you need to take the best of your day.



Being honest, I always related Casio to the Gshocks watches, I never thought about smartwatches and honestly these 2 models of smartwatches really caught my attention. I would love to buy the new WSD-F30 in January and give it a try to see if the watch exceed my expectations. But for the moment you guys can try the WSD-F20 which still an innovative and competitive smartwatch on the market. If anyone of you have this smartwatch please let me know how it is and contact me by email to see if it’s worth it or no. Thank you guys for reading me and see you in the next post.

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