8 ways to find running partners.

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When it comes to finding a running partner most of the time it’s though. Why do I say this? Because in general, people are lazy, they don’t like to sweat, they don’t want to pay their dues, they don’t want to sacrifice, they don’t want to push harder in order to stay in good shape. It’s easier to jump into the sofa after you come from work than tie your shoes and go out for a run. I know most of you want to start running, I know sometimes it’s hard to find running partners. Probably you’re the type of person that wants to change your situation and want to start creating discipline and new habits. But you don’t find anyone, most people in your environment prefer to stay relax at home, than going out with you and run a couple miles. I have been through this and I want you to know that you are not alone. I will give you some advise if you want to surround yourself with the right people and overcome this type of challenges.

First advise will be to find a local running club. A running club is a type of crew, a squad or you can considerate even a family where the runners get together to run and train in groups. Usually, running clubs train in track and field tracks, cross country or road running.

Second advice is to check it out the local running stores. Some of these running stores have groups for running that the store hosts and they have a running community. Or maybe the store doesn’t host them, but the employees are involved with these type of groups. Even if your local store doesn’t have a running community ask them because probably they know some places where you can join a runners community or running groups.

Third advise you can take advantage of is to ask at your local Gym or Health Club. This is a good location to find running partners. Some gyms have running clubs or you can find a running partner. Even if they don’t have, ask to any of the employees, maybe they know some local running clubs. Look at the treadmills area and look for the people who run the most or have a good pace in the training, those are your prospective people.

Fourth advise is to register for a local road race. Many of this runs are free. If you are training for a specific race check the race website to see if there are any organized training runs.

Fifth advise, recruit runners at work that are interested in running. Try to verify if you have co-workers with the same tastes as you, people who would love to change their position, people who want to make a change but doesn’t know where to start. Encourage them to join you and start running.

Sixth advise. Joining runners websites is another good option to look for running partners. Check it out in www.joggingbuddy.com, is a free website that allows members to find members to run with, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are. It has more than 25,000 members in 118 countries. Check the local guide and start exploring.

Seventh advice will be to consider a Virtual Running Club. If you didn’t find any partners for some reason, no problem, you can join a virtual running club such as for example Runners World, Nike Running Club or Strava.

Eighth advise is to find a charity group training program. A lot of non-profit organizations offer coaching, training and race expenses in exchange of your help for fundraising. This is a good place to meet several runners and find one at your fitness level and pace. A big example of this is the American Cancer Society, Determination.

Basically, this is the 8 ways to find running partners. So doesn’t matter if you want to lose some weight if you want to train for an important race or just for fun. These are the 8 tips you can use to find running partners. As well let’s mention you can get a lot of benefits from a running partner such as a social outlet so it will help you meet more people and learn from them. Consistency, your running partners will always look to help you to complete every workout. As well you will see an improvement in your performance, it’s not the same running alone that running with someone, competition is everything and if you have the right partner he will encourage you to do more. Hope you guys can take advantage of this 8 tips to find running partners, thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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