Tips to find cycling partners

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Let’s say you want to get started in the cycling world, you bought your new bicycle and you are ready to roll. Maybe you are new in your city, don’t know anyone to get along with to start running or you don’t know where to look for. Today I will give you some good tips on where and how you can find cycling partners.

Go to your local cycling store
When you go to your local running store to buy accessories for your bicycle or to give her maintenance ask at the store where you can go to find cycling partners or if they have a Cycling Club. Most of the stores will have cycling clubs. They usually get together couple times a week, sometimes early on the mornings or during the night after everyone gets out of work and start rolling.

Explore the city
You can wake up around 5am in the morning, get your cycling apparel and go out. At this time there’s a big chance you will find some fellow cyclists running around the city. When you find them ask them where they reunite and if you get along with them keep running with the group.

Be careful when using headphones.
Most of the times headphones is a social flag that says “leave me alone”. If you want to find running partners be careful when using headphones, listen to the music in a slow volume so you can hear if other cyclists come closer talk to you when riding.

Search organized group rides
Most of the big cities have organized group rides. When I say this I mean the city at least once a month they organize an event when a lot of cyclists join the group race and ride around the city. This is a good opportunity to meet new people and find some partners.

Look for local routes
Look in places such as Map Ride or Ride With GPS. In this places, you will be able to find good cycling routes in your city. Ride on this routes and you will meet a lot of cyclists.

Create a new listing
Put a listing in cycling forums with the city and the area you live and probably you will find more riders that live close to you which you can run and train with. If you are cool with giving your phone number, put a post on Craigslist with your phone or your email. This way you can get some people to message you. Meet them at a local public spot and start riding.

Use Strava
Strava is a running and cycling network where you can find new people to ride with. Write a post on the community area with the place to live and write you are looking for people to ride around the city. This app has more than one million users, I will say is one of the best places you can look for cycling partners.

Fitness charity events.
Try to go to cycling events at your city or charity events where you can network with your fellow cyclists and meet now people. This way you should be able to expand your network and find new riders.

Outdoor duo
This is a club where you can find people interested in road cycling, mountain biking and BMX, as well you can find people who want to do walking, climbing, and mountaineering or even better people who love water-sports.

All the tips that I gave you about are the best ways to find new cycling partners. If you are alone, if you are new in the city or if you just got started, don’t worry I got you. With these tips, you should be able to find new running partners and meet people who enjoy the same sport as you. As well don’t forget that you are doing way much more than the lazy people that stayed home, doesn’t matter if you are going slow or fast, if you rode 10 miles or 50 miles, you can feel great because you are doing more than the people who didn’t move. Cycling is associated with a huge amount of health benefits. It’s a low impact activity, causes less strain and injuries than other exercises. Is a good muscle workout, you train all of the major muscles. Easy to do, doesn’t require a high level of physical skills. You will develop good strength and stamina, do it as intense as you want and it’s a fun way to get fit. So if you are cycling keep grinding and keep going for more. If you haven’t get started yet I encourage you to take the first step, you will never regret it. Have a good day and remember to never give up.

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