Galaxy Watch Review

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today I have a really interesting blog post for all of you Android enthusiasts. If you are a big fan of Android phones and smartwatches this post is for you. We are going to prepare a favorable review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.


This new and innovative smartwatch makes your life easier by having a stronger and agile life without the need to reach your phone. This phone comes with sleep cycle, calorie tracking, guide and GPS for long runs making you having everything you need at the reach of your hand. Strong features such as military-grade durability, water resistance, and Corning Gorilla Glass makes this timepiece a device to last. You can go for days and days with a single charge. Then the wireless charger will let you power up without slowing down. The enhanced connectivity is a feature that will take and make calls with the integrated speaker and microphone when your phone is not in your reach. As well you will be able to respond to texts, check the agenda and manage your playlist. Another key feature is the Samsung Pay NFC, this feature will allow you to make payments at the comfort of your hand. You can manage your connected home devices even when you are not home. Plus if you have security cameras you can get the alert from the SmartThings app on your watch.


If you are a busy person you can schedule your day with the watch and make sure you complete all your daily tasks. You can check your steps at the end of the day and see how many steps and miles you walked through the daytime. This timepiece comes in two sizes, 42 and 46mm and three color options with a wide range of watch faces and interchangeable bands giving you the ability to adapt to your daily challenges such as meeting with clients, having a coffee with friends or going on a date to your favorite restaurant. Music is one of my favorite features because the watch can pair with your smartphone allowing you to stay motivated with all your favorite songs, in resume start the song in one device and then continue it on the other without losing a beat. The good thing about this smartwatch is that is compatible with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth connection. The three colors that I previously mentioned is silver (46mm), black and rose gold (42mm). Straps are 22mm and 20mm both interchangeable. This timepiece will work as your own personal trainer giving you the ability to focus on more exercise with less planning. The watch can take measures of the heart rate and track six activities at the same time when you are exercising. As well you can select up to 39+ activities and more as you move from one to the other. As I mentioned previously the smartwatch comes with agenda so you can plan your day before going to bed, plan your next day agenda, meetings, lunch with partners, working out or just seeing your friends before going to sleep. You can use a wide range of apps and download them from the store like Strava Running, Spotify, BMW, Glympse, Taylormade, Pear, Golfwith, Uber, Gear, Speedo On and Map my Run.


If you going for a long run the GPS will track where you are and where you going including with altimeter and barometer when you need to take off the track. Engineered for water resistance this watch can be used out in the rain or other challenging conditions such as snow. It’s 5 ATM or 50 meters water resistant and military standard durability making it able to take more handling outdoor during challenging conditions. The charging mode is quite simple by just setting it down on the charging dock and the charging process will begin automatically. Connect it to your smart TV, computers, and appliances with just one simple touch.


In conclusion, I think is one of the best smartwatches out there right now. The watch really makes your life easier if you are a busy person. Can track your sleep, you can manage your agenda, record and track your workouts, measure the heart rate and so on. Even better one of the things that I most like is the fact that you can customize the smartwatch based on your preferences, you can change the watch bands and change the watch face to put another look that really fits your style and the occasion for which you are using the watch. For the Android users, all you need to do is download the Wearable App in the app store to connect the watch to your phone and will be ready to roll. If you are the type of person that loves to live a happy lifestyle but at the same time is busy with the daily tasks this is the right smartwatch for you. If you guys love the watch I will leave a link below so you can take a look. Thanks for reading me and I wish everyone to have a beautiful and amazing day.


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