Montblanc Summit 2

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Good evening my fellow smartwatch enthusiasts. Tonight I want to show you guys about a nice luxury smartwatch that I found, the Montblanc Summit 2. This new timepiece it’s perfect for travelers, fitness, and lifestyle. What I like about this watch is that you can upgrade your fitness to the next level. This technology will help you out to get the most out of your workout routine and fitness activities. Powered by Wear OS by Google which will give you the latest features and updates. You can get the advantage of the exclusive apps to take the most out of this timepiece. This watch is an innovative combination of the best technology features that the entrepreneurs, urban explorers, business travelers, and fitness enthusiasts needs. With the GPS and google maps exploration, you can look to the city, get directions, translate, notifications and the most important local information with this luxury iconic smartwatch. All you need to navigate is your wrist and your watch.

For all of you that are frequent travelers, this watch will turn your travel experience into an awesome adventure, this timepiece was made to exceed the expectations of the most demanding globetrotters and even better will help you out to beat the jet lag. How this timepiece help you to beat the Jetlag? Easy, it will give you personalized advice to minimize those effects, based on proven science used by astronauts and elite athletes that helps them adapt to other time zones, you will be able to adapt to the new time zone thanks to the caffeine intake advice or the ideal sleeping needed and light exposure schedule, if you are a heavy traveler that are constantly flying around the world this watch will assist you to stay on track. The compact unisex 42mm case that gives an original feeling with a classic style powered by the latest features of Wear OS by Google.

The battery of this smartwatch lasts up to one week with Time Only Mode, general lasting time varies depending on the usage. Comes with the latest processor for better performance without affecting the battery life and make it last longer. As well you can leave your wallet at home when you go to workout or doing some exercise and take advantage of the Google Pay contactless payment. You can give the watch a look that matches your style with the straps and watch face configurator. Good thing that I like from this smartwatch is that is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The sharp resolutions and bright colors will give a unique style to the timepiece and it’s unisex so both genders can use and enjoy this smartwatch. Google Assistant will help you and make your life easier, anywhere from making an agenda, putting reminders or planning the week. To add more interesting characteristics the timepiece comes with 8 GB of memory for more apps and music storage, what else can we ask for? This watch comes with almost everything we need to take our experience to the next level.

Comes in different color options like Black DLC coating (black calfskin, black nylon or black Milanese), Bicolor steel (brown calfskin), Steel (black calfskin), Steel (blue Nylon), Steel (Sapphire blue calfskin), Titanium black rubber and Titanium black and blue rubber. To make it more interesting as we mentioned before you will be able to change the straps and give it a unique look. The straps come in different colors like for example black leather, black rubber sport, brown leather strap, blue leather, black nylon strap and so on. This is what happens when you mix tradition with modern luxury, Swiss watchmaking style with advanced technology. This smartwatch is capable of running the latest apps, software, and features. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a running partner, a timepiece for your workplace, a lifestyle expert or just for better connectivity while traveling, I’m sure this watch will exceed your expectations. If you are a sports lover, the fitness tracker, heart rate monitors and barometer will give you accurate data to take records of your workouts. As well if you are a frequent swimmer the watch resists up to 50 meters ATM. A new feature about the smartwatch is that the display looks like a normal watch face rather than a normal smartwatch face with markers and features. It’s not just a $1000 dollars smartwatch, this is your fitness, travel and business companion. If you need to run a marathon, ultra marathon, workout at the gym, run errands, need an agenda, plan your week ahead, plan your next trip or need some assistance for the jetlag this timepiece is the right fit for you.

In resume, this smartwatch comes with everything you need to take out the most of your daily life, take advantage of the technology with this watch, make your life easier, travel easier, fight the jetlag and get your workouts and fitness routines to the next level. Thanks for reading and visiting the websites and have a good weekend.

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