Hardest Ultra-Marathons in the world

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Running a marathon such as the Boston or New York City Marathon is challenging enough, but for some, they want even more of a challenge to prove their endurance along with their thrill for adventure. This is where an Ultra-Marathons come into play, these aren’t just about how many miles a person runs, but about terrain in which they run through. This type of marathon boast some rugged type areas in which to trek through, such as mountains, jungles, canyons, and even deserts. So, when taking part in ultra-marathons a runner may be curious to know which of these is the most challenging, and hardest to complete.

After all, for those who do this type of sport they want to be able to take it to the next level. Well, here are some of the most noted difficult ultra-marathons in the world. Keep in mind though, these are more for the experienced ultra-marathon runners, not a beginner.

Marathon des Sables

As those who run ultra-marathons frequently who have done numerous kind, they will nod bout tell you this one is definitely one of the most difficult to complete. The two main reasons for that is first it is a trek through 156 miles of the Sahara Desert, and to make it all the more difficult participants must carry all the essentials they require for the run. ,the hosts of the event will provide plenty of water and a place to camp out for the night but all else must be carried in a backpack by those taking part in the race. The marathon takes up to six days to complete and is about the equivalent of running five standard marathons and keep in mind this is done is temperatures that exceed a hundred degrees.

The Jungle Ultra

Imagine having to run about 143 miles through a rain forest of rugged terrain. That is exactly what is expected of participants who take part in this marathon. Taking place in the Peruvian rain forests along with the Cloud forests, runners will experience temperatures that range around 90 degrees along with a high humidity factor which only adds to the challenge. If that’s not enough as they go through the terrain they face an elevation of 9,000 feet and it may be downhill but will still be a challenge none the less. Adding to the overall challenge is individuals must bring everything including their camping equipment and of course have to deal with all the insects and creatures that call this area of the world home.

Badwater Ultramarathon

This one has actually been publicized as one of the toughest ultra-marathons in the world. The race consists of 135 grueling miles of steep mountain areas and having to run through one of the hottest places in the world, the notorious Death Valley. If that’s not enough the marathon takes place during one of the hottest months of the year July. But keep in mind those who want to take this endurance test have to first complete another one the Badwater Salton Sea race.

6693 Ultra

As far as Ultra-marathons go this one may not have a memorable name but it certainly lives up to the challenge. In fact, since the year 2007, only 11 runners have managed to complete the marathon. The main reason for this though is that individuals do have a chose to run only 120 miles to the ultimate 350 miles along the course that takes place in the freezing temperatures in March in a course that actually takes participants through the arctic circle. Needless to say, making one of the coldest ultra-marathon challenges out there.

Dragon’s Back Race

Imagine a marathon considered so difficult and unbearable that after it was running the first time it took twenty years to even consider attempting it again. That is exactly what happened with Dragon’s Back Race, that first took place in 1992 then well went away for a while then made a comeback as a difficult rugged race through the mountainous region of the Welsh Mountains. This one is 188 miles and gets this there is no trail in which to follow, while racers head up 5,600 feet of mountain terrain. To add to the challenge participants must carry all their supplies in backpacks.

These are just five of the hardest ultra-marathons out there. There are others to choose from as well, to push endurance to the next level. But as said above and it can’t be stressed enough these harder ultra-marathons are only for those who have been doing these quite a while and know they are up to the test of what is ahead of them.

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