Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition Review

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If you are the type of person that loves to use a really good fitness tracker, I have something for you today. If you want a smartwatch committed to being extraordinary and designed with unique exclusive experiences to help you reach your fullest potential, the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition is what you are looking for.


One of the things that really caught my attention about this smartwatch is the Adidas Training. I’m a huge fan of sports and Adidas is one of my favorite brands. The Adidas train is a feature that the Fitbit Ionic offers with specialized workouts with step by step coaching to make your training more interesting and dynamic. Cosmetically related this smartwatch comes with a signature band in ink blue and ice gray with a silver aluminum case. This detail gives the Fitbit Ionic a really unique and special touch, it doesn’t look like a normal smartwatch, looks like a smartwatch for pros.


Besides the Adidas train, the smartwatch comes with an on-screen workout. It’s a coach pre-loaded on screen workouts like for example 10 min abs, this one is really good if you want to do a quick workout to work your abdominal area. You can store and play over 300 songs on your smartwatch, I’m a frequent runner (3-5 times a week) so this feature for music store is really good for me. As well let’s mention you can download your favorite Pandora stations and listen to the playlists. Multistory tracking is an excellent feature with real-time stats on the screen and automatically tracks your exercises with the SmartTrack feature.


The built-in GPS is another great feature, it’s a real-time pace and distance on display during your runs and rides. Other watches are a little bit off on this steps tracking but the Fitbit Ionic did really good. Heart rate tracking works great too, real-time measure as well.


If you are a swimmer let me tell you this smartwatch is water resistant up to 50M for wear in the pool or rain. This smartwatch is not for diving if you go deeper than 50 meters you will expect some damage. The swimming feature tracks laps, duration, and calories burned during the swim workout. Battery life at least for me it’s not that great, maybe other people will find it good, I’m more used to long battery lasting smartwatches, even though my smartwatch battery lasts up to 2 or 3 days approximately.


The smartwatch is IOS and Android compatible so you can connect your phone and get instant access to call, texts, alerts, and apps for weather or sports. Another good feature that I really like is the contact less payment with the NFC chip, you can register your credit card and pay on the go with the smartwatch, no cash or credit card needed at the store.


The activity and sleep tracking track automatically your all-day movement and time in your sleep sessions. As well comes with two set on interchangeable bands so you can use the one that best fits your wrist. If you want to give your Fitbit Ionic a different look that fits your style you can change the watch bands and buy other beautiful and sleek accessories in other materials such as leather or sport. You can find them in the Fitbit shop page on in your favorite online retail store. The wireless syncing is an automatic sync stats to 200 plus leading IOS, Android and Windows devices.


Overall the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition is good starting range for athletes or people that want the best bang for the buck. I tested for a couple weeks and the smartwatch performs really good. I used for running, swimming and biking, performance was excellent. I did enjoy the watch, the only thing that I did struggle a little and that I would tell the people to be careful with is getting the watch on and off with the watch band. The design of the band with the holes makes it a little difficult when you trying to get the watch off your wrist so you need to be careful not to break it. Besides that, the smartwatch performs very well. It’s something in the middle between a smartwatch and a multi-sport watch. Definitely would recommend it.


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