Best Fitness Apps

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When a person is looking for a fitness app they need to find one that is easy to use. The apps should be able to give them information on ways to improve their health and chart the progress they are making on their fitness goals. These are some of the best fitness apps to download. These best fitness apps can be used on both the IOS operating system and the Android operating system.



This app is great for people that love to take group fitness classes. The app gives the audio that a person needs to get up and get moving. The instructors that lead these classes are some of the best in the country. They will provide a studio-quality workout through the phone. There are over 2,500 classes to select from and there are 12 different categories to select from. A person will not need to do the same workout twice. The directions for the workout moves will come through loud and clear.


This app offers more than just workout tips making it one of the best fitness apps that can be downloaded. A user will be able to search by the type of workout or weight training program that they are looking for. They can even communicate with other users through the app and give each other tips an encouragement. There is a free version of the app and a paid version as well.


This app provides access to workouts including Crossfit. There are different routines that are posted on a daily basis. A person can test their range of motion with these new apps. In addition to accessing this content on a smartphone, it can also be viewed on a computer. There is a massive library of different workouts that a person can choose from.

Fitbit Coach

This is great for people that own a Fitbit and are looking to get more out of this device. This will help a person keep track out their workouts. This app has a number of video and audio workouts. It can be used at the home or at the gym. There are even workouts for those that want to exercise outdoors. A person can track their fitness information and they can get recommendations based on their information and their fitness goals.

Peloton Digital

This is one of the best home fitness companies. They have a number of exercise equipment as well as streaming outworks. A person can stream a workout from some of the top fitness instructors in the country. A person will be able to choose from 5 different categories of workouts. They will be able to stream up to 20 classes on a daily basis. There is a library of over 10,000 different workout classes to select from.


Asana Rebel

This is one of the best fitness apps for people that like to practice yoga. There is yoga featured on this app as well as five other styles of workouts. A person can select a workout based on their fitness goals. There are also mini workout sessions if a person does not have a lot of time. This app will allow a person to find workouts for a specific group of muscles. They will also be able to track their progress.

Class pass

This app will allow a user to select from many different types of fitness classes. The app went from sample classes to full-on workouts. This program can be used on the smartphone and it can also be stream through a Chromecast on the TV.


This app will track a workout that is done outside of the home. If a person likes to run outdoors they can track their progress with this app. The app will be able to tell a person where they are going and what they are going to do. They can map out their route due to the GPS services that this app offers. A person will be able to get feedback on their workout and they will be able to share their progress on social media as well.

Nike Training Club

This app has over 180 different fitness plans developed to help a person get into shape. There are different categories to choose from including yoga or strength training. There are different times sessions as well. A person can find a workout that lasts between a couple of minutes and 45 minutes. Nike has one of the best fitness apps for those that like to work out with famous athletes.
These are some of the best fitness apps that can be used to help a person get into shape. These best fitness apps allow a person access to workouts and tips on how to get into shape.

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