Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

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As we now Samsung announced the new release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It’s the next generation of the Galaxy Watch Series. But it’s better than the previous version? I took the time to check it out and I’m going to give you my take today. Let’s find out.


This smartwatch it’s a lightweight, durable and pretty good watch that understands the way you perform during the day. As the previous versions come with auto-tracking, every time you go for a bike ride, running or any type of exercise the Galaxy Watch Active will auto record it for you. The smartwatch comes in 4 colors, black, gray, pink and green. As well with this watch, you can track up to 39 exercises which are really good for people that love multisports.




A great feature that the Galaxy Watch Active has is irregular beat detection. Any time you have an irregular heartbeat when working out or something else the watch will send you real-time alerts so you can be more proactive with your heart health.


Same as the previous version comes with the sleep tracking feature where you can track your sleep and boost your performance decreasing the stress. You can analyze your sleep and see how you can improve the stress levels with meditation and breathing exercises. It’s a small watch, 40 millimeters with thin, lightweight and swim ready materials. Comes with Gorilla Glass to give you a more tough design that protects your watch on the more rough conditions. You can change the watch bands with a lot of options on the market that fits your best style.


About the battery life, Samsung says that you can go for days with the battery life which was not my experience. I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for a couple weeks and I have to say that the battery life is not that long. At longest the battery can last two days, not more than a day. If you work out daily, running, bicycle, gym and so on, you need to recharge the smartwatch daily. If not you are going to have a hard time with battery life. At a normal use the battery can last up to two days, maybe three depending on the usage. Again that was my experience with my smartwatch and my take is that the battery life is not that good.




Moving forward to other features a good thing that the watch provides is that if you have the Samsung Galaxy S10 you can charge the smartwatch with the phone. If you are out there working and then you are heading to workout you can use the Galaxy S10 to give a quick charge to the Galaxy Watch Active and have it ready for your next workout.


You can schedule events and reminders with the agenda or the timer and sync it with your phone to get the notifications on your watch. If you have the Galaxy Buds you can stream your playlists wirelessly. Samsung Pay and use the credit card machine. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with Android and IOS so the iPhone user can enjoy this smartwatch too.
In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a good tool for your daily life and workouts. But there are a couple of things that I didn’t like it too much. One of them is the battery life and the other one is the size of the smartwatch. I understand is a new version of the Galaxy Watch series and if you want to have men and women to enjoy and use this beautiful smartwatch, I think could be great if they would have the watch in different sizes, at least two different sizes. Personally, I didn’t like the size of the watch, for my style and preferences I think is too small, I’m used to bigger watches. It looks really small on my wrist.


Another thing that I didn’t like it much was the fact that you can’t answer and receive phone calls. You can answer and make calls but you can’t speak through the watch, you need to do it through the phone. They got rid of this feature and I think is a must for this type of smartwatches. Every time you are out there doing your daily tasks, working and exercising, all you need to do is answer the calls with your watch and take care of just one easy and simple step. That’s one of the best features that the Galaxy Watch series offers and this one doesn’t have it.


Besides that, the Smartwatch performs really good. Is use it for my exercises, running biking and swimming and the performance is really good. Overall, I like the smartwatch besides the size, battery life, and phone features. Hope you love the review and can help you out if you decide to purchase the smartwatch.


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