How to run and breathe properly

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Breathe Properly During Your Run

Running is a great way to get exercise. Many people enjoy the movement of running short, long, and all distances in between. The act itself involves several strategies and one wants to make sure that they are taking steps to improve their performance while simultaneously benefiting his or her health.
If you weren’t born last night you’ll know that there is a lot of racket out there directing people to do this, buy that, change that; most of this information can be filtered as nonsense and be forgotten about. Some information, however, can significantly help an individual. Strategies in running are no different. One may think of many things when they imagine running, how their foot strikes the ground, the movements of the legs, the arms swing, etc. Breathing may not be first imagined, but it plays such a crucial role in how a runner performs. The following can provide you with tips for how to run and breathe properly, not only so you can get to the finish line but be the first one there.


Run and Breathe Properly

Most runners probably don’t think of how breathing plays a role in their health as a runner, or point to breathing as a potential talking point when it comes to injury history and particular ailments. The truth is that learning to breathe with a strategy that aims for optimal health and performance is going to greatly impact every run. Does your breathing such as your inhale and exhale really play a role with how you perform as a runner?


The Stresses of Running

Once you learn to run and breathe properly you will wonder why you were so naive, to begin with when it came down to how breathing effects performance in the race. Think, if you will, to a moment where you were running and felt all of the stresses from the particular outing. Running is a stressful activity on the body.
Imagine all of the ways that the foot can inadvertently hit the ground in a fashion that could bring stress in a particular part of the body. Each time the foot hits the ground, the force of such an impact is going to be double or even triple your body weight. That continued stress is going to add up and make muscles and joints throughout the body quite sore. This is exactly why the technique is so important, especially in the way of breathing.
The stress of your body weight hitting the ground at the exact moment one is exhaling is going to be the greatest force. If a runner is going to exhale every time his or her left foot hits the ground, it will mean added stress on one side of the body. This is going to lead to injury. Another way to think about it is through the use of a backpack you may carry.
Imagine going to on a hike with your friends and you pack a bunch of stuff in your pack to carry for the day. Instead of evenly distributing the weight of the backpack, you decide to sling it over one shoulder, forcing all of the weight to one side of the body. This will get your body compensating physically to manage the weight’s uneven distribution. You’d want even distribution to actively seek out a better way to place less stress on the body. It is the same as the process of learning to run and breathe properly. Rhythmic breathing is a great thing.


What is Rhythmic Breathing?

It is a breathing pattern that allows runners to run and breathe properly. Rhythmic breathing aims to achieve centeredness or a balance. This will come in the form of being able to align your breathing patterns in a way that won’t compromise the body and allows the runner to breathe to achieve the optimal foot strike. When one becomes aware of how he or she is breathing, they can link the patterns in a way that eases the efforts of the run. You want your body to be in sync and finding a rhythm to your breathing will get a runner to feel the running and control it.


Learn to Breathe

We all know how to breathe in one way or another; we need to breathe to survive. Yet, what strategies can a runner have to run and breathe properly in a rhythmic way? Learn to breathe with the diaphragm. Breathing this way will allow the breathing to reach maximum potential in the way it takes in air and oxygen to the lungs. The more one inhales, the more oxygen is available to the parts of the body that simply need it to perform. Not utilizing the belly breathing technique to its full potential will lead to decreases in performance.
A runner needs to establish a pattern in order to run and breathe properly. The point of breathing right is to provide balance. Find a way to time your foot strike and breathing exhale at an optimum time. Find a pattern that works for you and maximize potential.

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