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Can a Couch Potato Run 100 Miles a Month?

Running 100 miles in a month for someone who hasn’t run a mile for nearly a decade may seem drastic and unattainable, but if one is willing to trade the couch for the trail it isn’t as unlikely as it may seem. Of course, it will take great dedication to go from a sedentary place to a champion of running but not impossible.
Remember, everybody has to start somewhere. Even the best athletes in the world had to begin his or her training somewhere. This is why you should consider getting off the couch if you have been having the itch to start running, but are too embarrassed to put yourself out there. The challenges are worth the triumph of accomplishment and benefits are many in the long run.


The Transition

Going from not running a mile in a long while to running 100 miles in a month isn’t going to happen in a moment. One wants to prepare for the transition in order to reach full success. It becomes difficult to start, but when you do, the results can be life-changing.


How to do it?

Just start. Getting over that initial hurdle of beginning to run is going to be the ultimate breaker of inhibition. After getting up and moving towards running 100 miles you will start to believe. All it takes is doing it once to start gradually shifting one’s belief in his or herself. Start out small, maybe running for 20 minutes three days a week. Then gradually start building to running four days a week, increasing the time spent doing so. A new runner will want the right gear to properly enhance their experience.



Since you will go from being a couch potato to running 100 miles a month, you will feel all sorts of new things in your body. Having the right equipment to deal with these new stresses will be vital to your success as a new runner. It will start out with running shoes.
If you are unsure about which shoe to decide on, research online to get reviews from customers who have used a particular shoe. They will be able to give full transparency on the outcomes of the shoe and how durable they are. Comfort and durability are a must with a good running shoe. Shirts and socks are also important. Blisters are always going to be a risk for a runner, so finding socks with blister defense will be key. There are all sorts of shirts designed for runners on long trail runs; the science behind running specific shirts seems to be supported by use. Find one that works for you.
Also important for a new runner is a yoga mat and muscle roller. Your muscles will feel sore all over as you slowly transition from running zilch to 100 miles in a month. You will surely want a muscle roller to get rid of tight muscles and properly stretch after a long run. This will reduce inflammation and keep you feeling fine.
Hydration is also a huge part of running 100 miles and there are many products designed for long trail runs that won’t add much weight to the person as they go about their training. Hydration is key to look for a lightweight hydration bottle.


Be Cautious

The ambition of going from zero to running 100 miles is great for a person, but they need to be careful with how they go about it. As aforementioned, start slow when you begin to run. Go for a 20-minute run to begin, stretch, stay hydrated, use the muscle roller and prepare for your next run in a couple of days. Preparation and recovery are absolutely important to succeeding on the quest. Don’t overextend yourself. You’ll eventually get to the point where you can run 30 to 40 miles per week but that won’t happen in an instant.
Talk to people who have gone before you and find a training regiment that is balanced and right for you. Going too hard too quickly will lead to injuries and sideline you back to where it all began.


Don’t Get Discouraged

It may seem easy to get discouraged by a number of different just reasons when running 100 miles a month. Stay motivated by remaining positive. You will succeed and find many benefits from the race. You will not only feel fit from the exercise but realize that you will have more energy both in body and mind. This will allow you the belief that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Train and recovery. Stick to the sound plan and go for it. You can run these miles if you dedicate your energy into doing just that.

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