Tips for Finding the Right Running Shoe

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When you go out to hit the pavement, soft lush of the grass, rocky soil, icy road or any other type of grounds to go for a run, you’ll most likely do one thing before you set out to trek: put on a pair of shoes. Running shoes are an important factor for any level of runner, requiring much thought when deciding which pair is best for them.

Brands, running shoes for a specific foot shape and size, price and other reasons motivate people when deciding on which pair to get. One has to make sure they don’t rush the process in order to get the right pair.


Properly Measure

When it comes to shoes to wear in the office or to slip on when tending to the garden, measurement concerns can virtually go out the window. When it comes to running, however, one wants to pay attention to size. Properly measuring a foot involves a few components: length from the heel to the toe, foot width, and arch length.

When thinking about acquiring running shoes, one should visit a store that specializes in running equipment. They will have knowledgeable staff that can not only measure the foot but offers suggestions on how your foot strikes the ground among other things.

Shoes are designed to flex in a certain way and you will want shoes to meet your needs.
Measuring often is also something a person wants to think about when looking for the proper shoes to wear. Foot size changes over time and even during the day, so make sure you measure every time you buy a shoe. It may not be a bad idea to measure it at different times during the day as it isn’t uncommon for the size of the foot to increase later on during the day.


Brand Loyalty Isn’t A Must

Just because you have worn a brand forever doesn’t mean that you need to stick to that brand and limit your search because of it. Running shoes come in a bunch of different brands and can offer different benefits. You will want to make sure you search for shoes that you will only wear during your running and will want to rest out several brands to get a feel.



Understand Your Foot

It’s no secret that people have different body types and features. The foot is no different. You will always want to pay attention to how your foot hits the ground and what shoes have been successful for you in the past. Just because a certain shoe looks flashy and wonderful, doesn’t mean it will properly fit your foot. Do you have flat feet, unusually bent feet or wide feet? A simple way to understand your foot shape is to wet them and then go on a surface that shows the imprint.



Recommendations Are Nice to a Degree

Reading online reviews and asking people you know what kind of running shoes he or she prefers is awesome, but it will only serve you in certain areas as everyone has different running forms, foot strikes and foot shapes that make it impossible for a universal running shoe to work for everyone. A particular brand may have a reputation for durability and that will be a great factor in finding the right shoe, but that doesn’t mean that a specific make by them is going to be right for you. Test out all the different designs and figure out which one works well.



Find Comfort

It doesn’t matter if you are a person that is just now discovering the wonders of running or a person who has been running for decades while competing in marathons around the world, make sure the shoe is comfortable. Don’t make the mistake of buying a shoe before you try it on. Internet buying isn’t a time to buy shoes unless you have tired them on elsewhere. If it isn’t comfortable in the store, it most likely won’t be comfortable on the running path. Running shoes are going to be with you for many miles and they will be extremely painful miles if the shoe doesn’t fit.


Trust The Experts

Plenty of places sell shoes, but not all of those working there are experts on running shoes. That is why one wants to visit a store that specializes in running shoes. They will not only be able to measure your foot, but also give you other specific tips like when to replace a pair of shoes and find terrain specific shoes for you. Running can have so many benefits in one’s life and finding shoes that fit are a perfect step.

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