Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

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Compatibility with Android and iOS

– The Galaxy Watch can be linked with smartphones of the two operating systems, Android and iOS, via Bluetooth connection.

– Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems and popular third-party sports applications such as Under Armor, Spotify, and Facebook.

Redefines the concept of authenticity

Make your Galaxy Watch adapt to your lifestyle, and show your identity through the wide variety of spheres and lighting effects. Its round sphere, its anecdotes, and the characteristic ticking sound will make it look like a real clock.

It’s up to you

Express yourself with your Galaxy Watch. Choose between the Bluetooth or 4G model, and its 42 mm (Midnight Black, Rose Gold) or 46 mm (Silver) case. You only have to customize your sphere to get a unique watch, like you.


Show your style

Customize your strap to your liking. You can choose from our wide variety of silicone straps, or choose any other since Galaxy Watch is compatible with straps of 20 mm and 22 mm, for its 42 mm and 46 mm models, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active also has a String which moves in the “20 mm” format. The mattress is waterproof and complies with IP68 and MIL-STD-810G. There is support for NFC, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, 230 mAh battery and 4 GB internal memory. You can charge your watch wirelessly.


Always On

– The galaxy watch Adjust your AMOLED screen so you can see the time at all times, day or night.
– Samsung Galaxy Watch Active receives a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels in Always active mode and protection from Gorilla Glass 3.


Now your music is with you

With the 4G version of Galaxy Watch, your music will accompany you everywhere. Stream music, connect your wireless headphones, leave your mobile at home and go running.

– Samsung introduces Active Smartwatch Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Fit Braces, and TWS Galaxy Buds Headsets. The Galaxy Buds ears are replaced by Gear FormX 2018, which has a similar shape.

This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active model has an ambient sound mode that allows developers to hear everything, even when headphones are in the ear. The adaptive dual microphone consists of an internal and external microphone on each handset, which allows noise reduction.


Great autonomy

Let your charger rest at night. Thanks to the incredible autonomy of Galaxy Watch, with a single charge you can make calls, listen to music and much more including a truly innovative battery made to last.

Record your progress

We introduce you to your new personal trainer: Galaxy Watch. Forget planning and focus on more exercise. Your watch is able to measure your heart rate and regulation make up to six activities while you exercise. Your smartwatch is capable of measuring more than 35 different activities, if you select them, and change from one to another as you change.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active’s Wearable OS 4.0 also detects any activity automatically. You can see running, cycling, rowing, elliptical training and more – a total of 39 exercises. In this case, the display can be selected in manual mode.


Control your health

With Samsung Health, you can expand the current features of Galaxy Watch to record and track your health with a greater level of detail, including frequency cardiac and calorie intake.

Rest and relax to have the best version of you

Learn more about your sleep habits to feel better the next day. Galaxy Watch records the quality of your sleep, creating a record that includes the 4 phases of sleep. It is able to control your level of stress, helping you to reduce it by breathing exercises.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smart watch messages can measure blood pressure (although this feature is not available in all markets), monitor stress levels, and help users with sports set goals and track progress every day.

A review of your day

Both the Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active wakes up with you and helps you to accomplish your tasks. The “My Day” sphere shows you your agenda for the next 10 hours so that at a glance you can See everything that the day holds.


Hundreds of apps

Take a look at the wide variety of applications developed exclusively for your Galaxy Watch. Thanks to our increasingly large number of content providers, now you will know with what application to stay.


Manufactured to last

Take your Galaxy Watch with you always, regardless of the situation. It is resistant to water up to and has a military protection certificate so you can perform any kind of outdoor activity without worries.

Both models are protected from water – you can swim with them, for example in swimming pools. Protection against attacks ensures compliance with US military MIL-STD-810G standards.

Leave the wallet at home

With Samsung Pay * on your smartwatch, shopping will be as easy as passing your doll over the data phone. Forget about the Smartphone or your wallet.

Charge it without complications

Charge your smartwatch easily. You just have to place it on your wireless charging base and you’re done!

Thanks to wireless charging technology with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active recharge capability, users can quickly “turn on” the Galaxy S10 Smartphone series headset.


Connect to your smart devices

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Samsung Galaxy Watch allow you to control your appliances according to your sleep patterns and activities, to make your life easier. With the Home IoT function, you can control different objects, such as your television, robot vacuum cleaner and air conditioning. Use the custom commands to perform multiple actions at once and enjoy a smart home.




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