The Top 10 Mountain Bikes For 2019

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With everyone looking towards the summer, one of the most exciting summer activities to look forward to is biking. By combining exercise, beautiful scenery, and fun, it’s no surprise to see just how many people take part. That being said, you can’t have a good biking experience without a good bike. According to most expert and knowledgeable mountain bikers, it’s worth investing in a quality mountain bike over one that is destined to break down. Remember, mountain bikes usually have to take on rough and rugged terrains over a long period of time. In addition to this, quality bikes provide the best comfort to function ratio. A cheap mountain bike just wouldn’t last long in these conditions. With this in mind, here are the top 10 mountain bikes for 2019.



Mountain Bike #10: Juliana Joplin S Carbon C

Branded as more of a bike for women, the Juliana Joplin S Carbon C has proven it is suitable for anyone. That is what is so unique about it. Compared to other mountain bikes, this bike is one of if not the most versatile bike on the market. It is somewhat limited on its abilities on rough terrains but, as you get more experience, you can make the bike work for you. Its price tag is north of $4,000 but, by all accounts, it is worth every penny.





Mountain Bike #9: Ibis Ripley LS NX

The key word with this bike is speed. The Ibis Ripley LS NX is renowned for being on the high-end of fast and accurate mountain bikes to consider buying. In fact, it very popular in mountain bike competitions for this very reason. The downside to it is that it can be a rattler in bumpy terrains. That said, if you are looking for speed, it’s worth giving this one a try.





Mountain Bike #8: Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE

Known for being more of an aggressive downhill bike, the Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE is still a very well-rounded mountain bike. While it can handle bumps and holes like a beast, it transitions well for a smooth downhill or straight line ride. Its balance is another plus with this bike. This another of the most versatile mountain bikes available on the market.





Mountain Bike #7: Canyon Spectral AL 6.0

There are many differences between uphill and downhill mountain bikes. While downhill bikes offer a more smooth ride, an uphill bike has to be more aggressive and powerful. That said, the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 is arguably the best bike that combines these two traits. What’s surprising about it is its incredible stability and handling for an uphill bike.





Mountain Bike #6: Yeti SB130 TURQ X01

We have mountain bikes, and then, we have daily user mountain bikes. Pretty much self-explanatory, daily user bikes are among the best at providing a good mountain biking experience with the feel of an everyday bike. Well, the Yeti SB130 TURQ X01 is on the best end of this mountain bike category. Put simply, it’s a bike that can do it all. You can ride it to work and get a good workout from it.



Mountain Bike #5: Ibis Ripmo GX

If you want to get the most out of an incline mountain bike, the Ibis Ripmo GX is the go to. Many experienced mountain bikers consider this one of the best bikes at treating inclines like straight line rides. With its thick wheel-base and frame, it’s an athletic looking bike that can intimidate some people. However, by all accounts, it’s worth more than its price once you get used to it.





Mountain Bike #4: Rocky Mountain Growler 20

What makes the Rocky Mountain Growler 20 amazing is the bikes’ pro abilities with a low-end price. In addition, it is one of the more beginner friendly bikes on the market. As far as it’s feel, its a smooth ride that can adapt to any terrain you want to take it on. As an added bonus, it also has an amazing style for anyone who wants to show off its look.





Mountain Bike #3: Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 0

With the Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 0, we are talking about more of a speed trail bike than anything else. Yes, it can handle an uphill with aggression but, you really get the most out of its abilities by pushing how fast it can go. What you will find out with this bike is that it will treat you to a lightweight and quick ride that exceeds expectations.





Mountain Bike #2: Marin Hawkhill 3

Yet another versatile bike is the Marin Hawkhill 3. In addition to its cool name, this mountain bike is known for its suspension. This allows it to be an amazing rough terrain handler and daily user. Overall, what makes this bike popular is its customizability. If you want to turn it into a bike with other qualities, you can easily do so. Other bikes like to stick to a specific quality which makes them less popular.




Mountain Bike #1: Transition Sentinel

Plain and simple, this is a racer mountain bike. What you will find with the Transition Sentinel are speed and finesse. Add in the fact that it has a carbon frame and, we really see what it was uniquely designed for. That said, it can also be used for any other mountain biking scenario. While it’s not as flexible and well-rounded as other bikes, it definitely gets the job done. More than anything, the Transition Sentinel will give you the best performance for its price. In fact, it’s worth a try as a daily user consider the production to price ratio.




Bonus Mountain Bike: Kona Process 134 Supreme Beginner MTB

Like every other skill, mountain biking takes time and patience to master. If you want to work your way up to faster and more aggressive bikes, you have to start with a bike that will lead you there. We all start somewhere. Having said that, there probably isn’t a more beginner friendly bike than the Kona Process 134 Supreme Beginner MTB. What you will get out of this bike is an easy going ride that can be adapted to a more hardcore ride. This gives this bike the ability to be worked up to its peak abilities.





Mountain Biking In 2019

As we can already guess, there is no perfect bike out there on the market. As any professional or experienced mountain biker will tell you, it’s definitely more about personal feel and preference when it comes to choosing a bike. In fact, many will tell you that a mountain bike will pick you, as opposed to you picking the mountain bike. All in all, if you haven’t experienced the thrill of biking, any one of these bikes will give you a great experience. Worth mentioning, the key to making the most out of biking is having fun and enjoying the ride. The bike itself can’t make that happen. However, it can add to the fun.

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