Should you workout before or after work?

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Exercise is good for health, and we have been told to do it on a regular basis. For most people, the best time to do exercise would be early morning, but a lot of us could no longer do that in the early morning because of our jobs. We can do exercise before or after we go to work, but there is still a time constraint because of the activities that would be given to us at work. Others are feeling tired right after they went to their jobs and choose to sleep right away. However, some people prefer doing exercise at night, right before they go to bed. Is there really a schedule that we need to follow when conducting the physical exercise, and would it affect how healthy in a positive or a negative way?



Understanding the Human Body Clock

The human body clock functions for 24 hours every day, and it is also referred to as the biological clock. The biological clock tells us when it is the best time to sleep, and what time we should eat. It also affects our body temperature and blood pressure. Collectively, the set of activities that are being activated by the biological clock is called the circadian rhythm, and it affects our health, well-being, and physical performance. Because of how our biological clock works, we often think that exercising early in the morning would be a healthier alternative. However, there are no pieces of evidence that support this theory, but it is still persistent to the minds of the public that it has become a pseudo-fact.


One reason why people tend to exercise in the morning is that there are few time pressures early in the morning. We tend to accomplish many tasks in the morning because we just came back from sleep, and our body needs to do some workout. Another reason is that our body is looking for something to do after we wake up, and performing several exercises would make it feel better. Despite the prevalence of the thinking that working out during the morning is the best thing to do, more and more people are becoming aware that performing exercises at any time of the day is also good. Scientists and health professionals recommend working out in your spare time so that you can focus on your goal of achieving a physically fit body.



What Kind of Working Out Routine are Preferred Every Morning?

Most people would go on long jogs every morning, probably because the sun is not yet giving up too much heat just like what happens in the afternoon. It is also refreshing to take a jog early in the morning because of the presence of morning dews that makes the environment cooler. Another set of work out routines and exercise preferred in the morning is cycling. Athletes would love to go on their bicycles every morning and breeze through the neighborhood for an hour or more. Cycling improves the condition of our cardiovascular system, and it also makes our legs stronger. Athletes prefer doing their cycling exercise either in the city, near the rolling plains and hillside, or on the top of the mountains.


What Kind of Working Out Routine are Preferred Every Night?

During the night when the sun is out, people tend to do a set of work out routines that includes team sports, hanging out at the gym, and even jogging, though it would be difficult to see at night and there needs to be a headlamp that would guide the person jogging. The gym would be the best place to hang out during the evening because a lot of people are also staying here to work out. Lifting weights can be a good thing because it would tone our muscles, and we would develop high endurance. It would also make us stronger because of the development of newer and tougher muscles on our bodies. Cardio workouts can also be performed inside the gym, giving us higher endurance.



Based on the studies conducted by different institutions, the best time to work out depends on the individual. They do not recommend a time because everyone can do it in their free time. There are advantages in doing morning and evening work out routines, and what we can do about it is to stick to our preferences. There might be conflicts with our schedules, and try to work out if you are in the mood. You can also set up a scheduler or a journal that would help you determine the best dates and times when you should be working out. Always remember that performing physical work out routines is not a one-time event – it should be performed on a regular basis, and people should do it whatever time is it. Performing regular work out routines would make our bodies stronger, and I would also result in the development of a better immune, respiratory and cardiovascular system.

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