New Garmin Auto Alert Feature

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Having a Garmin is really cool and they are proud to introduce a great new feature called the auto alert feature. This feature can automatically detect if you have been involved in some kind of incident or an accident. It has other cool features such as when you are out for a walk or if your jogging or if you want to take a hike, this cool auto alert feature will alert one of your emergency contacts from your Garmin connect to inform them of your location about whatever may be happening with you. To ensure this feature works properly be sure to have the Garmin feature activated before or when you leave your house. If it is not connected you will not be able to successfully connect with your emergency contacts.


Top Three Watches that Support the Garmin Feature

There are many different brands of watches that support this auto alert feature. Choosing one can be a little intimidating but it really is not hard. Here are the top three brands that support this feature:
– Forerunner
– Fenix
– VivoSport
– VivoActive
– VivoSmart


The Top Brands and Their Differences

The Vivo brand also has VivoFit Jr and Jr2, and Vivo takes pride that they do their best with keeping everyone in mind when thinking of safety, health, and fitness. The best ones that cover most sports and fitness that you may want to consider is the Forerunner or any of the Vivo brands. Using the Forerunner can widely range from tracking a normal run or if you are more athletically serious about your fitness or more sports-minded you can use it to assist you with training and tracking your goals and your progression.


The Garmin Fenix comes in a variety of colors and this brand of watch is more of an outdoorsy watch. The Fenix 5 brand is the most expensive watch with this feature. You also have the Fenix 3, this is an older model of the Fenix brand. The Fenix 5 has a nice sleek look and design with features like sapphire crystals and its unique style that make it stand out from the rest and this watch has the ability to connect to any smartphone.


The Forerunner is a more sporty design and more affordable but it closely resembles the Fenix. The features of the Forerunner is fully loaded with all the features you want or need for all of the sports enthusiasts that are out there that like keeping track of your heart rate, temperature monitoring, and GPS tracking and the battery life lasts exceptionally long on this brand of watch. The only drawback this watch has it that it does not offer Bluetooth connectivity. The Forerunner does not have this feature but it does have wifi feature that allows you to sync with your Garmin Connect.



How to Load Emergency Contacts on Gamin Connect

When you want to load emergency contacts you want to first open the connection on your smartphone then press the more option. If you have a smartphone the more option is on the upper left-hand corner of your device and the iPhone it is on the bottom right corner. Then press contacts and you will see three dots at the top right-hand corner. From here you can select contacts or manually add the contacts here and you can add up to three emergency contacts.


With just a few more steps, after you have completed the steps press the back arrow at the top left-hand corner once finished adding emergency contacts. Go where it says Safety and Tracking and select the Incident Detection and Assistance and here is where you want to add your emergency contacts. This is where you want to make sure that you sync your watch when you are done to ensure the Garmin Connect successfully works.


More Than Just a Sports Watch

When it comes to these features it really comes in handy to have this watch on hand because it really can save lives. If you are in an accident somewhere and need help as long as the watch is synced with your Garmin Connect and you have emergency contacts stored in the Garmin you can privately send a discreet message to someone stored in your emergency contacts for help. If you are outside walking or jogging or doing some kind of outdoor activity it will send you an incident alert and in either instance, it will give your real-time location. It is important to remember that for this feature to work you do not have to have wifi but you must always have your smartphone with you and your Garmin has to always be connected for it to work.

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